Walt Corey – Dallas Texans & Kansas City Chiefs

walt coreyThe youngest of 16 children in his family of Pennsylvania mill workers, Walt Corey was undrafted coming out of the University of Miami (Florida).  He signed a free agent contract with the Dallas Texans as a linebacker in their inaugural season of 1960, and his dogged determination and hard hitting earned him a starting position on the Texans’ defense.

Over the next four years, Corey averaged 8.75 tackles-per-game, and hauled in four interceptions while moving from left linebacker to the right.  He was a defensive stallwart from 1960-64, helping the Texans win their only AFL championship in 1962 (they would later win again as the Kansas City Chiefs).  He was named to the AFL All-Star Game in 1963.

After his playing career ended in 1966, Walt Corey stayed connected to the game as a coach.  His career on the sidelines began with a two-year stint as defensive coordinator at Utah State.  He held many different assistant coaching positions in the NFL, including handling the defneive line, secondary and ultimately defensive coordinator respoisibilities with the Chiefs from 1978-1986, and as defensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills (1987-1994).  Corey was also the New Orleans Saints defensive line coach under Mike Ditka (1997-1999).

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  1. Tom says:

    In the Winter of 1970 Walt Corey and I crossed paths, he on his way out at Utah State, he’d accepted the Defensive Coordinator postion at his Alma Mater “The U” and I on my way in as a player. Corey was still coaching but had relinquished most if not all responsibilities to his replacement Dewey Wade, Dewey passed away in August. USU head coach Chuck Mills prior to USU spent a couple of years including the Super Bowl I season as a Hank Stram assistant with the Cheifs and hired Corey. I have one memory of Corey, it was at a Winter practice, outdoors on a sloppy field, it had been frozen over and wet from the thaw and recent rain. They were timing us in the 40, I had shoes that were two sizes to big and when it was my turn to run, I took them off and ran bare footed sliping and sliding along. Probably in all there years they had never had a guy run barefoot and after the run Corey and Wade called me over and with a look of both anger and disdain asked me “Don’t you have shoes? and what are you some kind of Country Joe”. I told them about the shoes and that they made it dificult to run, they said they’d get me another pair. I asked what my time was and they said 4.7. In July I would run again in a summer work out with shoes on a firm dry field and run 4.4. Several year ago I ran into Walt, the first time since 1970, it was in Las Vegas in the Monte Carlo at a weekend gathering to honor Chuck Mills.

  2. Leo Leonardi says:

    I knew walt when he owned a gym in coral gables.

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