Wray Carlton Named to N.C. Sports Hall of Fame

autographed 1961 topps wray carlton

Wray Carlton is one of those ballplayers who doesn’t usually receive the recognition that his is due, especially by those football fans outside of the Buffalo area.  Sharing time on a squad that featured Jack Kemp, Cookie Gilchrist and others, Carlton was often overshadowed on the Bills offense by players with bigger names (and personalities).

In January of 2012, however, Wray Carlton was tabbed for induction into the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame.  The full article can be found HERE, on the website of Carlton’s alma mater, Duke University.

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  1. Jeffrey J Miller says:

    A well deserved honor indeed. Wray was not only a fine football player, but he is a very gracious gentleman as well. I interviewed him a couple of times for my book “Rockin’ the Rockiple,” and he was generous enough to come out and sit through a book singing event with me. My sister-in-law is good friends with his wife. Can’t believe I missed this honor when it was bestowed upon him. Thanks for sharing, Todd!

  2. I know Carlton primarily from his scoring a touchdown in the 1964 championship game. Gilchrist led the way, of course, with 122 yards on the ground, but Carlton added 70. Carlton doesn’t get the publicity that a lot of his teammates do, but he was a fine player that any team would’ve been glad to have.

  3. Morton says:

    I remember during the terrible season of 1971 (1-13), Wray, Harry Jacobs, and Ernie Warlick hosted a show called “Points After” on Channel 29 in Buffalo at, I think, 10 pm. It was a very informative post-game show with a chalkboard and a lot of fine information. WRay andthe guys were friendly and down to earth and seemed to be able to put the Bills implosion in perspective.

  4. Tim T says:

    I have a Long sleeve Bills home jersey made bybSouthland..it is blank..I am debating between making it a Saimes, Lamonica or Carlton…each guy seems nicer then the next..and all good players..shoot I may just punt and make it a Warlick…thanks for the stories Todd

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