1962-63 salada coin - gino cappelletti

Gino Cappelletti

One the neatest of AFL regional “card” issues (at least in my mind) is the 1962-63 Salada coins set.  These small coins (1.5″ in diameter) were packaged with Salada Teas and Junket Pudding.  Of the 154-coin set,33 coins represent AFL players.  Only players from the Boston Patriots, Buffalo Bills and New York Titans are included, no other AFL teams were produced in the set.  The following description of the set can be found in the Beckett Football Card and Price Guide, 27th Edition.

This 154-coin set features popular NFL and AFL players from selected teams.  Each team had a specific rim color.  The numbering of the coins in essentially by team., i.e. Colts (1-11 blue), Packers (1-22 green), 49ers (23-33 salmon), Bears (34-34 black), Rams (45-55 yellow), Browns (55-66 black), Steelers (67-77 yellow), Lions (78-88 blue), Redskins (89-99 yellow), Eagles (100-110 green), Giants (111-121 blue), Patriots (122-132 salmon), Titans 133-143 blue), and Bills (144-154 salmon). All players are pictured without their helmets.  The coins measure approximately 1.5″ in diameter.  The coin backs give the player’s name, position, pro team, college, height and weight.  The coins were originally produced on sheets measuring 31.5″ x 25″; the 255 coins on the sheet included the complete set as well as duplicates and triplicates.  The double-print cons are generally from certain teams, i.e., Packers, Bears, Browns, Lions, Eagles Giants, Patriots, Titans and Bills…  This set is sometimes found intact as a presentation set in its own custom box; such a set would be valued 25 percent higher than the complete set price below (complete set price listed at $2,500.00).