One of my favorite, though least-viewed (according to Google Analytics) sections of this site is the Photo Gallery.  There is a lot of fantastic AFL photography included there, and though it take time to find new photo collections, I am always looking to add quality imagery.

1963 afl all starsOne of the neatest sections of the gallery is the photos from the first three AFL All-Star Games, all of which were played in San Diego.  The image above comes from the All-Star Game played in January, 1963, and features ends and receivers from the Western Division team.  Lionel Taylor (87), Fred Arbanas (84), Dave Kocourek (83) and Don Norton (88), all leaping in one of the “posed, quasi-action” shots that were so popular during the period.  Three of the guys are looking to the sky mid-leap, while Arbanas appears to be checking with the photographer to make sure he is doing it correctly.