Here is a great highlight video of the Raiders at Bills game from 1968.  Lots of late AFL stars in this one.  Among my favorite pieces in this highlight film are:

  • Paul Maguire tackling the Raiders George Atkinson on a punt return at roughly the 2-minute mark.  Best tackle by a punter (er…  linebacker) I’ve seen in a while.  Of course, former Chargers Aussie punter, Darren Bennett, could knock someone down when he needed to.
  • Haven Moses.  A San Diego State star who, at least in San Diego, kind of gets hidden in the shadow of Gary Garrison.  Moses was a great receiver for Don Coryell’s Aztecs.
  • Defensive back, Dave Grayson, with the Raiders.  Nearing the end of his career by 1968, but Grayson was a crafty veteran.  He is another guy with San Diego ties, as he grew up here, playing at a local Boys & Girls Club with fellow AFL’ers Art & Charlie Powell, and Willie West.
  • Daryle Lamonica…  He sure threw a great bomb!
  • Lastly, my old buddy, Ben Davidson causing Bills qb, Dan Darragh to fumble, but HoF guard, Billy Shaw, grabbed the bouncing ball and rumble downfield for several yards!