1969 treslerr comet bengals

In 1969, football fans in the Cincinnati area could receive a set of free football cards featuring the hometown Bengals that were being given away at Tresler Comet gas stations.  This 20-card set had an orange and brown sepia appearance, with a facsimile autograph, and was printed on a thin card stock.   The cards measured the standard 2.5″ x 3.5″.

1969 tresler comet bengals

The card backs contain various biographical and statistical information, as well as a Tresler Comet logo, and a sketch of a bengal tiger running with a football.  There is a note to “Hear all the Bengals games on WLW radio, sponsored by Tresler Comet.”   The bottom of the card backs features an offer to “get the complete set of Bengal’s football cards FREE at your TC dealers.”  There is one error in the set.  The Charlie King card is mistakenly spelled  “Charley” on the back.

1969 tresler comet bengals

This unnumbered set consists of 20 cards, though four cards were short-printed, and are considerably more difficult to find than the rest.  The short-printed cards are Howard Fest, Harry Gunner, Bob Johnson and Warren McVea.  The full checklist is as follows:

  • Al Beauchamp1969 tresler comet bengals
  • Bill Bergey
  • Royce Berry
  • Paul Brown – Coach
  • Frank Buncom
  • Greg Cook
  • Howard Fest
  • Harry Gunner
  • Bobby Hunt
  • Bob Johnson
  • Charlie King
  • Dale Livingston
  • Warren McVea
  • Bill Peterson
  • Jess Phillips
  • Andy Rice
  • Bill Staley
  • Bob Trumpy
  • Ernie Wright
  • Sam Wyche