January 19, 1964 – Balboa Stadium

Eastern Division Squad – White Jersey, Blue Trim

15 Jack Kemp* Buffalo Quarterback
16 Babe Parilli Boston Quarterback
20 Gino Cappelletti Boston End
24 Ron Hall Boston Defensive Back
27 Freddy Glick Houston Defensive Back
31 Bill Mathis New York Fullback
33 Cookie Gilchrist Buffalo Fullback
40 Tony Banfield Houston Defensive Back
43 Jim Norton Houston Defensive Back
45 Larry Garron Boston Fullback
47 Willie West Buffalo Defensive Back
51 Nick Buoniconti Boston Linebacker
52 Bob Schmidt Boston Center
53 Tom Addison Boston Linebacker
55 Larry Grantham New York Linebacker
58 Mike Stratton Buffalo Linebacker
63 Bob Talamini Houston Guard
66 Billy Shaw Buffalo Guard
70 Tom Sestak Buffalo Defensive Tackle
72 Larry Eisenhauer Boston Defensive End
73 Billy Neighbors Boston Guard
74 Charles Long Boston Guard
76 Rich Michael Houston Tackle
77 Stew Barber Buffalo Tackle
78 Ed Husmann Houston Defensive Tackle
82 Bob Dee Boston Defensive End
83 Ernie Warlick Buffalo End
85 Bake Turner New York End
87 Charlie Hennigan Houston End

* Jack Kemp was suffering from the flu, and was askled by his doctor not to participate in the game.

Western Division Squad – Red Jersey, White Trim

00 Jim Otto Oakland Center
16 Cotton Davidson Oakland Quarterback
18 Tobin Rote San Diego Quarterback
19 Lance Alworth San Diego End
22 Keith Lincoln San Diego Fullback
23 Paul Lowe San Diego Halfback
24 Fred Williamson Oakland Defensive Back
26 Goose Gonsoulin Denver Defensive Back
28 Johnny Robinson Kansas City Defensive Back
32 Clem Daniels Oakland Fullback
45 Dave Grayson Kansas City Defensive Back
48 Duane Wood Kansas City Defensive Back
50 Chuck Allen San Diego Linebacker
55 Jim Fraser Denver Linebacker
56 Emil Karas San Diego Linebacker
63 Arch Matsos Oakland Linebacker
64 Bud McFadin Denver Defensive Tackle
65 Wayne Hawkins Oakland Guard
66 Walt Corey Kansas City Linebacker
71 Ed Budde Kansas City Guard
72 Dave Costa Oakland Defensive Tackle
73 Jim Tyrer Kansas City Tackle
74 Ron Mix San Diego Tackle
75 Ernie Wright San Diego Tackle
77 Ernie Ladd San Diego Defensive Tackle
80 Fred Arbanas* Kansas City End
84 Art Powell Oakland End
86 Earl Faison San Diego Defensive End
87 Mel Branch Kansas City Defensive End

*Fred Arbanas suffered a knee injury in all-star practice, and was replaced in the game by San Diego’s Dave Kocourek.