Fifty years ago, the Lamar Hunt and the leadership of the Texans decided to forgo the fight for Dallas, and move their team to Kansas City.  The move came as a shock to many in and around the organization, as it appeared that the Texans were becoming a better team that their NFL counterparts, the Dallas Cowboys.

A great article was recently written by Vahe Gregorian titled, Fifty years ago, the Chiefs found a home in Kansas City.

The thing that I thought about after reading this article was not the Chiefs impact on Kansas City or their eventual championships, but rather, what would have happened if the Texans had moved to New Orleans instead of Kansas City?  Dave Dixon, the man discussed in the article, was the promoter that arranged the failed 1965 AFL All-Star Game in New Orleans.  What would have happened if the Chiefs had move to NO, nearly two years before the Civil Rights Act?  If the All-Stars were treated as poorly as they were in 1965, how would a team made of black and white players maintained any type of cohesion in the South in 1963?  I have not found any information about Lamar Hunt and Jack Steadman taking that into consideration when they decided to move, but I would be interested in learning their thoughts on the situation back then.