larry garron and houston antwine leave new orleans

JANUARY 11, 1965 – NEW ORLEANS – American Football League players Houston Antwine (L), and Larry Garron (R), of the Boston Patriots leave their hotel 1/11 after the AFL All-Star Game was cancelled because of charges of racial discrimination by 20 Negro players. The game scheduled for 1/16 has been moved to Houston.

…One of the greatest, yet most unknown protest in professional sports took place.  On January 11, 1965, 21 African-American football players from the American Football League walked out of the City of New Orleans, refusing to take place in the all-star game because of the discrimination that they had faced.  Led by Cookie Gilchrist and Art Powell, these men stood up for their beliefs, and in doing so made a statement that helped bring about integration in the South.

Art Powell, Earl Faison, Bobby Bell, Ernie Ladd, Buck Buchanan, Clem Daniels, Abner Haynes, Dave Grayson, Willie Brown, Mack Lee Hill, Frank Buncom, Ernie Warlick, Elbert Dubenion, Sherman Plunkett, Houston Antwine, Winston Hill, Sid Blanks, Larry Garron, Butch Byrd, Cookie Gilchrist and Dick Westmoreland made a difference.

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