Millions and millions of words have been spoken, typed and written about New York Jets quarterback, Joe Namath.  So many words, in fact, that most new articles that are written just hash over the exact same subjects that we have all read countless times before – Joe Namath’s knee…  Joe Namath’s contract…  Joe Namath’s audacity…  Joe Namath’s women…  And so on, and so forth.

I think that it would be impossible to totally escape the rehashing at this point, but the author of THIS ARTICLE that came out in the Kansas City Star yesterday makes a nice effort.  He packs in a lot of the standard history, but also sheds a bit of light on Namath’s famed white shoes (they were standard black in college, covered in white tape), and then Namath himself proffers a rather positive idea about the wretched knees that he hobbled around on his entire career.

One of the things that I like about Joe Namath is that regardless of the amount of confidence or attitude that he may have had in the 1960s, he seems to be a humble man now, recognizing and praising the wonderful coaches that he played for, and the wonderful fortune that was bestowed upon him simply by playing for Sonny Werblin.