Football can be a brutal, dangerous sport.  Injuries are frequent, and deaths, sadly, have occurred.  The following seven men all died as members of American Football League teams.  Their deaths were not all brought about by football, but regardless, they deserve to be remembered.


ralph andersonRalph Anderson – Wide Receiver

Los Angeles Chargers, 1960

Died of a diabetic seizure on November 26, 1960.


frank buncomFrank Buncom Linebacker

San Diego Chargers, 1962-1967; Cincinnati Bengals, 1968

Died of a pulmonary embolism on September 14, 1969.


howard glennHoward Glenn – Guard

New York Titans, 1960

Died of a complications from a broken neck on October 9, 1960.


mack lee hillMack Lee Hill – Running Back

Kansas City Chiefs, 1964-1965

Died of complications during knee surgery on December 14, 1965.


stone johnsonStone Johnson -Running Back

Kansas City Chiefs, 1963

Died of complications from a broken neck on September 8, 1963.


bob kalsuBob Kalsu – Guard

Buffalo Bills, 1968

Died in a mortar attack while serving in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War on July 21, 1970.


bob larabaBob Laraba – Linebacker, Quarterback, Punter

Los Angeles Chargers, 1960; San Diego Chargers, 1961

Died in an automobile accident on February 16, 1962.