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#020 – Sammy Baugh

More AFL trivia from our friend, Dave Steidel.  Dave sent over the 500 trivia questions that are included in the print version of his book, Remember the AFL.  Steidel says that the trivia section is not included in the ebook version of his work, so this site will be the one place that you will e able to find the questions online.  Who can answer all of these questions (without looking them up!!)?

Can you name the first group of AFL coaches described below?


1.  I coached the L.A. Rams in the NFL for five years but was fired after the 1959 season.  I coached in more AFL championship games than any other coach.

2.  I was the only coach to be the head man for three of the original AFL teams and won two AFL titles.  My Western Illinois team was undefeated in 1959.

3.  I was an All-American at Notre Dame and the first AFL coach-of-the-year in 1960 but was fired after five games in 1961.

4. I was an assistant coach on three NFL champions in Detroit in the 1950’s.  My AFL team finished 11-16-1 in 1960 and 1961.

5.  I had a pretty good run as head coach at the Naval Academy for eight years before coming to the AFL. Unfortunately I was the first AFL head coach to be fired.

6. I was the only coach my AFL franchise had throughout the 10 AFL years and my teams played in three AFL championship games and two Super Bowls.

7. I coached in the NFL and Canada prior to my AFL stint.  Under my direction my team was 7-20-1.

8. My eccentric owner at times was a better slinger than I was.  After refusing to be demoted to assistant coach I was fired and later surfaced as head coach of another AFL team.


9. MATCH THE FIRST PLAYERS DRAFTED INTO THE AFL WITH THE TEAM THAT DRAFTED THEM    (extra credit if you can also match the college these players played for)


TEAM                   PLAYER                               COLLEGE


1. Boston              A. Richie Lucas                       Syracuse


2. Buffalo              B. Don Meredith                     SMU


3. Dallas                C. Billy Cannon                     Notre Dame


4. Denver               D. Gerhard Schwedes             LSU


5. Houston            E. Monty Stickles                     Penn State


6. Los Angeles      F. George Izo                           Trinity


7. Minnesota        G. Dale Hackbart                     Notre Dame


8. New York          H. Roger Leclerc                     Wisconsin