More so than most positions, offensive guards seem to be overlooked when it comes to pro football hall of fame consideration.  Some of the challenge comes from the lack of statistics available with which to compare guards against each other.  Often, one has to rely on the success of a particular guard’s teammates to make a judgment on the guard himself.  How many 1,000-yard rushers did he block for?  How many 4,000-yard passers?  How many times was his quarterback sacked?  And yet one guard in particular, earned an honor unmatched by any other guard in league history.  Ed Budde of the Kansas City Chiefs and a member of the AFL’s All-Time First Team, was once named AFL Offensive Player of the Week for his devastating play in a game against the Oakland Raiders.

Kansas City Chiefs historian, Bob Moore, recently wrote a piece detailing Budde’s historic award – BUDDE BALL.