The Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs had some great running backs in their AFL years – Abner Haynes, Mack Lee Hill, Mike Garrett…  But they also had Curtis McClinton, an excellent back in his own right, who seems to get overshadowed by the others.  Haynes was the first and fantastic.  Hill was on his way to stardom before dying unexpectedly on the operating table.  Garrett, a Heisman Trophy winner at USC, came into pro football with much excitement, and was a good producer for the Chiefs for several years.

Yet through it all, Curtis McClinton was there as well, clocking for the tailbacks and making his own contributions to Hank Stram’s offense.    A quick look at his statistics show that McClinton was the AFL’s 1962 Rookie of the Year, a three-time AFL All-Star at the fullback position, and he averaged nearly 400 yards/season rushing and another 200+ receiving.  Despite all of his success on the field, McClinton has led an interesting and successful post-football life as well.

A quick look at the following article from 2011, gives a look into McClinton, and the career achievements page from his website tells even more of his story.