Autographed 1965 Topps Joe Namath

1965 Topps Joe Namath

I read an interesting couple of articles on The Bleacher Report the other day.  Phillip Schawillie, a featured columnist, took a look through the history of the New York Jets franchise and made his case for the 25 Greatest Players in New York Jets’ History.  Schawillie took into account a player’s longitivity and statistics, while trying to take all positions (special teams included) into consideration.  He did an admirable job, and a number of AFL-era men (in bold) made his list.  The rankings were as follows:


25. Bruce Harper

24. Thomas Jones

23. Ken O’Brien

22. Darrelle Revis

21. Pat Leahy

20. Randy Rasmussen

19. Dave Herman

18. John Abraham

17. Matt Snell

16. Emerson Boozer

15. George Sauer

14. Shaun Ellis

13. Mo Lewis

12. Kevin Mawae

11. Al Toon

10. Larry Grantham

9. Winston Hill

8. Gerry Philbin

7. Freeman McNeil

6. Wesley Walker

5. Joe Klecko

4. Mark Gastineau

3. Curtis Martin

autographed 1965 topps don maynard

#121 – Don Maynard

Now comes what I found to be the interesting part of the article.  At this point, I would imagine that most of you recognize that the author reserved the top two positions in his all-time Jets rankings, and rightfully so, for Joe Namath and Don Maynard.  However, I found it interesting who ultimately earned the top position.  Without giving it away, I must say that I agree with Schawillie’s argument, and I especially like the way that he laid it out for readers.

You will find the links to the Maynard and Namath rankings below.  But before you click on them to see who is sitting in that top position, drop down a bit further to the comments section and make your case for the better player, Broadway Joe Namath or Don “Sunshine” Maynard.




Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post, which will feature an interview that I recently did with Marty Schottenheimer, talking about his time with the Buffalo Bills and the AFL!