Earl Faison has always been one of my favorite AFL players.  Though somewhat overshadowed (literally and figuratively) by his enormous linemate and friend, Ernie Ladd, Faison was perhaps even more dominant than Ladd until his career was cut short by injury.  While many who played against Ladd say he did not go hard on every play, the opposite is felt about Earl Faison, who played the game with abandon.

A longtime San Diegan, Earl was one of the first Chargers that I interviewed when I began my AFL research back in 1998.  He has always been supportive of my work, and over the years, became a friend.  I saw him most recently at the Chargers induction of the 1963 team into their ring of honor.  Tall, with his dark skin and impeccable dress, he is an imposing figure still today.

Here is wonderful interview that was done back in 1999.  It is longer than the videos that I typically post, nearly a half-hour, but hopefully time can be set aside to watch.  Earl talks not only about his time with the Chargers, but also growing up in Virginia, attending college in Indiana, and his post-football career in education.