Much is said about the way AFL’ers are snubbed by the hall of fame voting committee.  We have discussed the subject many times on this site, and thrown out names like Johnny Robinson, Jim Tyrer, Art Powell, Walt Sweeney, and others as deserving HoF candidates.

I stumbled across an interesting article that makes a compelling case for the Denver Broncos’ defensive back, Goose Gonsoulin, to have his bust in the Canton, Ohio, museum.  The piece is called Goose Gonsoulin and East Coast Bias, and was first published on the Broncos Planet website.  Take a look.

Frankly, I think that the piece has merit, and Gonsoulin should be considered for induction.  Along with Lionel Taylor, Gonsoulin was one of Denver’s first stars, and he helped steady a very unstable Broncos franchise with his inspired play.  Additionally, he is just a good guy.  I’ve spoken with Goose several times, and you would be hard-pressed to find a nicer guy.  That doesn’t necessarily translate into HoF votes, but it means something to me.