As a collector, I scour Ebay daily for AFL-related memorabilia for my collections.  My main interest is collecting signed cards, but I run multiple searches in an attempt to uncover all sorts of interesting things.  There are a handful of good pieces currently up for sale, some at good prices, and others too high.  Regardless of the price, good memorabilia is always worth the look.

1967 Boston Patriots Team Yearbook – Unlike NFL teams in recent years, most AFL teams did not produce yearbooks.  It is something of a shame.  In hindsight, year-by-year publications for each of the teams would have been a valuable research tool.  This Patriots yearbook will probably not be run up much higher than its nearly $40 opening bid, but this is a nice piece in the $40-$50 range.

1965 Boston Patriots Team Signed Football – This is a beautiful ball.  The condition is excellent, and it features many challenging signatures of deceased Patriots players, such as Charley Long, Jim Hunt, Bob Dee, Ross O’Hanley and Tony Romeo.  However, this ball is simply priced too high.  The seller began listing this ball several months ago, and it has repeatedly gone unsold.  I would estimate this ball to actually be in the $250-$400 range.

Autographed 1960 Fleer Don Floyd Card – Don Floyd was a member of the Houston Oilers from 1960-1967.  He passed away in 1980, at the age of 41, which makes his autographed cards something of a challenge to find.  However, $175 is much too high a price for this card.  Four or five signed copies of this card have sold on Ebay in recent years, and none have topped the $60 mark.

Charging Through the AFL – $179.98 for a copy of my book?!?!  Sadly, this book has been out of print for sometime now.  The publisher printed fewer than 1,500 copies, which sold out long ago. Recently some book sellers have been attempting to gouge buyers by listing this book as high as $400.  I wish that I had additional copies to distribute, but unfortunately I am out as well.

1966 Sporting News AFL Guide – I put together a set of these Sporting News AFL Guides a few years ago, and they are undoubtedly my most valuable AFL research tools.  Full of information on teams, players, games, league records, etc., you can find most anything that you need in these handy little books.  With an opening bid of $4.99, this is a steal!

1962 AFL Pocket Schedule – Last week I wrote about the collectability of pocket schedules.  While team schedules are fiercely chased, league-wide schedules don’t seem to be as popular.  This particular schedule is not very rare; there is usually one on Ebay at any given time.  However, at just $5, it is not a bad pick-up.

1960s AFL All-Star Pin – At first glance, this looks to be a great item.  It is attractive, and in nice condition.  However, someone must have made a warehouse find of these pins, as they are constantly on Ebay.  Good-looking piece, but don’t buy it because you think it is rare.

Touchdown by George SullivanTouchdown is a classic piece of AFL literature.  Written in 1967, this book is loaded with fantastic photographs (many in color) and tons of information on the AFL’s early years.  This book is one of my favorites, and even in lesser condition, at just $20, would be a great addition to any AFL library.