Here is a neat piece for old Buffalo Bills fans.  In 1992, Jack Kemp was inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame, an organization whose also counts among it’s inductees, Don Majikowski, Bob McAdoo, and Sal “The Barber” Maglie.  This is a video of Paul Maguire’s introduction of Kemp, and Kemp’s following acceptance speech.  It is neat to see how even (at that point) 30+ years after he had retired, Jack Kemp’s teammates still held a special place in his heart.  Also of note, I thought, was that although he was undoubtedly not in the audience, the first teammate that Kemp acknowledged was his running back, Cookie Gilchrist.  Kemp was a polished public speaker, and he gets in more than a few great lines, especially at the expense of his old buddy, Paul Maguire.

Be sure to watch through the end, as some great color highlights from the Bills AFL years have been added on after the conclusion of Kemp’s speech.

I would be curious to know, via reader response, how you all feel about Kemp’s worthiness for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  I have yet to put together a HoF Comparison for Kemp, but I would be interested to hear your input, both pro and con.