Like most other sources that document professional football, I have dedicated a fair amount of my posts on this site to the most well-known of AFL legends, Joe Namath.  Namath was a star and rightfully-so, his life has been well-documented.  Still, I was particularly moved by this video.  As someone who never saw Namath play live, clips like this are what I use to make my own judgments about a player.  Perhaps more so that in other videos, I was struck by just how beautifully Namath threw a football.  His dropback was smooth, his release quick and powerful, and the balls that he threw were seemingly perfect.

In all of the pass plays shown above, the ball just seems to float down and settled into the hands of his receivers.  Not to take anything away from Don Maynard or George Sauer, but it must have been so much more enjoyable to play when a guy like Namath is throwing balls your way.