Believe it or not, Jim Otto was not the only man to play center in the American Football League!  As incredible and enduring as we was (and he was both), Jim Otto garners nearly 100% of the attention when the center position is brought up in regards to the AFL.  But there were other very fine centers through the league, Sam Gruneisen, Jon Gilliam and Al Bemiller, to name a few.  From 1964-1974, Jon Morris played center for the Boston Patriots.  Drafted out of Holy Cross in the second round of the 1964 AFL Draft, Morris won the Patriots’ Rookie of the Year honors in ’64, and settled in for his 11-season stay as leader of the Patriots offensive line.

In 2011, after many near misses, Jon Morris was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame.  You can tell by the video, how much the honor meant to him.