I was scanning YouTube recently, looking for new videos to post, when I came this homemade piece featuring Lance Alworth in his sophomore season as a member of the Arkansas Razorbacks.  For many of us, the images of a lightning bolt-clad Alworth, streaking down the field under a John Hadl pass, has become so ingrained that it is easy to forget the Alworth was a running back in college.  This series of clips shows Alworth taking pitches from the quarterback, running after handoffs, throwing a couple of passes and even returning a kick or two.  The guy was really a versatile athlete, and likely could have filled in for Paul Lowe in the Chargers backfield, had Sid Gillman ever been so inclined.  And to think that he was drafted out of high school by the New York Yankees.  Can you imagine Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and Lance Alworth in the same outfield at Yankee Stadium in the 1960s?

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