Dave Steidel is at it again.  The author of the universally loved tome, Remember the AFL, has a new book out this month, and it will certainly stoke the fires of any AFL enthusiast (as well as piss off many staunch NFL fans).

Steidel’s new book, The Uncrowned Champs; How the 1963 San Diego Chargers Would Have Won a Super Bowl, is a week-by-week look back at what many believe to be the first AFL team that had a legitimate shot at knocking off an NFL champ.  With the professionalism of a true historian and passion of a 1960s football fan, Dave Steidel went back and interviewed former players and team associates, both for the 1963 San Diego Chargers and Chicago Bears, to formalize his opinion of the greatest team of 1963.

Hall of Famer Lance Alworth wrote the forward to Uncrowned Champs, and which certainly bumps this book even higher on my list of “must reads.”

Mine is coming soon in the mail.  Get yours now as well!