Thanks to the recent increase in popularity of the American Football League, a number of books have been written about subjects with varying degrees of AFL connection.  New league and team histories, biographies, and specialized subject works are now published on an annual basis.

I have recently compiled a list of titles with AFL connections.  I have tried to keep the list limited to books that have strong AFL connections, and don’t simply contain a line or two, here or there.  The list is broken up into four sections, League Histories, Team Histories, Special Subjects, and Biographies/Autobiographies.

This new list can now be found on the far right of the menu, near the top of the Tales from the American Football League page.  Click on the button for “AFL BOOKS,” and it will take you directly to the page.

I will update the list as I come across new titles, or discover old ones that I had not previously known.  Please feel free to submit titles that you may know of, but do not see on the list.  This should be a great resource for AFL fans and historians alike.