I owe Steve Sabol a debt of gratitude.  I never had the pleasure of meeting the man, though I have heard many nice things about him.  But his work, as much as anything that I have done on my own, gave me a love for the American Football League.  Without the work of NFL Films, my AFL experience would be based solely upon old stories, still images and my bubble gum cards.  Thanks to Sabol and his crew, we have hours upon hours of wonderfully presented AFL documentaries that illustrates, perhaps better than anything, “the other league.”  I suspect that most football fans have similar sentiments.  Not everyone’s interest lies in the AFL, but through NFL Films, Steve Sabol captured and presented to the world, the history of professional football.  For nearly five decades, Sabol and his team not only educated us on the finer points of the game, but have given countless hours of entertainment to millions of fans across the country.

Steve Sabol passed away yesterday after an 18-month battle with brain cancer.  A story of his contributions to the world can be found HERE.