Remembering the Chiefs’ Jerry Mays

Amidst hall of fame teammates on offense, defense and special teams played a defensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs by the name of Jerry Mays. Standing 6'4" and weighing in at 252 lbs, the Dallas Texas native became a local hero when he signed with the hometown Texans out of Southern Methodist University. By all accounts Jerry Mays was a special person. A phenomenal player with a work ethic that set him apart from most others, he quickly became one of the league's best at his position. He earned First Team All-Pro honors in just his second season, and was honored with the first of his seven trips to the AFL All-Star or NFL Pro Bowl Games. In fact, so beloved was Mays that when he considered retiring early to join his father in the construction business, a local dairy printed a form letter on the side of milk cartons that fans could sign and send to Mays. He was inundated with requests to rejoin the team, and soon ended his thoughts of leaving the game. Still a young man when he was first diagnosed with cancer, Jerry Mays fought the disease for several years before finally succumbing in the Summer of 1994, at the age of 54. Kansas City [...]

The First AFL Draft

For decades there has been mystery surrounding the first AFL draft. How was it done? What was the order? Trades? And on and on... Oakland Raiders' team historian Jerry Knaack has recently tackled the historic event and posted his work on the Raiders website. Rather than try to summarize or make up Cliffs Notes to what may be the most convoluted draft in sports history, I will simply post the link for you all to enjoy! DEMYSTIFYING THE INAUGURAL AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE DRAFT    

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CALL TO ACTION – Help Johnny Robinson

  Hello AFL Fans! As you should hopefully know by now, Tales from the American Football League is running a campaign to help get Chiefs legend Johnny Robinson inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  The campaign is going well, but we still have a long way to go! If you want to see Johnny Robinson (and hopefully more AFL'ers) get inducted into the hall of fame, please follow these steps: Click on the image below Add your name to the petition Share the petition. Email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons are all available to use! If anyone asks, signing this petition does not automatically sign you up for any email lists, nor will emails ever be sold/divulged to anyone else. Signers have the option of joining our mailing list when they sign the petition by clicking on a button, but they have to make that conscious decision. It is not automatic. There are currently 725 signatures on the petition. While there is no magic number, and a large number of signatures is no guarantee of induction, the goal is for Johnny Robinson to be on the mind of each member of the senior committee when the hold their next voting meeting in August. We can ensure that by sharing [...]

Remembering the Chargers Don Norton

I got an email the other day from the family of former Chargers receiver, Don Norton. Don's brother, Dennis, mentioned how he reads all of the Tales postings and went on to discuss some things that had been done around their hometown of Anamosa, Iowa, to remember Don. Just wanted you to know that my brother Steve and I wanted to keep our brother Don's spirit alive and well in the town he grew up in, Anamosa, Iowa. The results were from a scoreboard that was moved to an elementary gymnasium to a monument built at the football field where Don starting playing his high school football career. Remembering "Don Norton's Football and Athletic Career" was our goal. Nearly 100 individuals helped and / or donated to this memorial. If you include spouses or significant others that number increased dramatically. This included folks from Kentucky, California, Nebraska, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Minnesota, New Mexico and even from a friend who lives in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. In Iowa, we received contributions from individuals living in sixteen cities; fromDes Moines, Iowa to Guttenberg, Iowa to Fairfield, Iowa. The help from individuals building this memorial was nothing but awesome; they dug holes, shoveled and racked rock, helped with the landscaping and [...]

AFL News & Notes – Check it out!

Just a few details on items of interest to AFL fans... #202 - Johnny Robinson The Johnny Robinson hall of fame campaign is off to a good start, but has a long way to go before we turn over the numbers to the Hall of Fame Senior Committee in August. We have close to 500 signatures on the petition at the moment, and media members in Kansas City have started to take notice and promise articles in the near future. If you have not yet signed the petition, please do so now. Johnny Robinson is an incredibly-deserving candidate, and I am hopeful that if he gets in, there will be more discussion about other AFL'ers who have thus far been overlooked. JOHNNY ROBINSON HALL OF FAME PETITION       Bob Lederer has informed me that his upcoming book, "Beyond Broadway Joe: The Super Bowl TEAM That Changed Football," will be available in September. Bob promises a fresh, creative look at the Jets team that shocked the world by winning Super Bowl III. Along those lines, he has set up a website to promote the book, and will be adding interesting AFL-related content on a regular basis.  Check it out at: BEYOND BROADWAY JOE       The Talk [...]