Sherman Plunkett played on some fantastic football teams.  As a rookie, he was a member of the Baltimore Colts squad that won the 1958 NFL championship game over the New York Giants.  After leaving the NFL in 1960, Plunkett latched on with the San Diego Chargers for the 1961 & 1962 seasons.  In 1963, he rejoined his old coach, Weeb Ewbank, this time as a member of the New York Jets.

Plunkett was one of professional football’s early big men, weighing more that 300 lbs. back when that kind of size was more the exception than the rule.  But like many of pro football’s biggest linemen, Plunkett’s girth sometimes got away from him.  The following article from Sports Illustrated in August, 1968, covers Plunkett’s last days in the AFL.  He was soon released.  After playing in 132-consecutive regular season games from 1958-1967, Sherman Plunkett found himself out of the game in 1968, a victim of his own voracious appetite.