Autographed 1963 Fleer Cookie Gilchrist

1963 Fleer Cookie Gilchrist

Last week we had an interesting week of discussions with our series of Mt. Rushmore articles.  Readers cast their votes for their own versions of the four most important personalities for each of the original eight AFL franchises.  Some readers included ownership and coaches in their lists, while opted for players alone.  Regardless of the type of personnel made eligible for the lists, the AFL’s greatest individuals were suggested, debated, included and cast away.  There just wasn’t enough space for the many figures that were so critical to the league’s ultimate success.

I have tabulated all of your votes, and below are the final results for The Readers’ Mt. Rushmores.  So looking at these team-by-team lists, which one is the best?  What vote came as the biggest surprise to you?  I will have to admit that Cookie Gilchrist receiving the second-most votes of any other AFL personality (tied with Lance Alworth) came as a bit of a shock.  As dominant a player as he was, Gilchrist only played in Buffalo for three seasons, and yet he received more votes than Jack Kemp, Ralph Wilson, Tom Sestak or Billy Shaw.  It just goes to show how captivating Gilchrist could be.  I’m just sad that I never got to see him play.



Gino Cappelletti – IIIII

Babe Parilli – IIII

Jim Nance – III

Houston Antwine – III

Nick Buoniconti – II

Ron Burton – I

Jim Hunt – I

Jon Morris – I



Cookie Gilchrist – IIIII  III

Jack Kemp – IIIII  II

Lou Saban – IIIII

Tom Sestak – IIIII

Billy Shaw – IIIII

Mike Stratton – II

Ralph Wilson – II

George Saimes – I

Booker Edgerson – I

Elbert Dubenion – I

64-65 Defense – I



Len Dawson – IIIII  IIIII

Bobby Bell – IIIII  I

Hank Stram – IIIII  I

Lamar Hunt – IIIII

Buck Buchanan – III

Otis Taylor – II

Abner Haynes – II

Jim Tyrer – II

Johnny Robinson – II

Emmitt Thomas – I

Jan Stenerud – I

Chris Burford – I



Lionel Taylor – IIIII

Floyd Little – IIII

Rich Jackson – IIII

Goose Gonsoulin – IIII

Frank Tripucka – II

Bud McFadin – I



George Blanda – IIIII  I

Charlie Hennigan – IIIII

Billy Cannon – III

Jim Norton – III

Bud Adams – II

Charley Tolar – II

George Webster – I

Bob Talamini – I

Bill Groman – I



Lance Alworth – IIIII  III

Sid Gillman – IIIII

Paul Lowe – IIII

Ron Mix – IIII

John Hadl – III

Earl Faison – III

Keith Lincoln – III

Barron Hilton – I

Chargers Uniform – I



Don Maynard – IIIII I

Joe Namath – IIIII I

Matt Snell – III

Weeb Ewbank – III

Larry Grantham – III

Sonny Werblin – II

Bill Mathis – I

Gerry Philbin – I



Al Davis – IIIII  II

Jim Otto – IIIII  II

Clem Daniels – IIII

Daryle Lamonica – III

Ben Davidson – III

Willie Brown – II

Art Powell – II

Fred Biletnikoff – I

Wayne Valley – I

Wayne Hawkins – I

Ron Wolf – I