If you spent any time looking over the site this past weekend, you likely noticed some drastic changes from the way Tales from the American Football League was formerly presented. As the site grew over the last couple of years, more history and imagery were added, and I found the original design to be a bit “clunky.”

A couple of weeks ago I hired a web designer to completely overhaul the site. It has been a somewhat strenuous process, but the end is near and I am very pleased with the results. In addition to simply updating the aesthetics, several neat functions have been added to make the Tales from the AFL experience that much better.

  • NEW SHARING OPTIONS – Readers will find buttons on every post and page to share your favorite AFL content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and via email.
  • TALES FROM THE AFL FACEBOOK PAGE – Didn’t know that Tales had a Facebook page?  Now you can join with the link in the far right column.
  • AFL FORUMS – Tales from the AFL now has an online forum for fans to share their own AFL questions and stories.  There are separate sections for Team, Player/Coach/Personality, Memorabilia and General AFL subjects.
  • NEW SEARCH OPTIONS – Looking for specific AFL stores or information?  You can now search the nearly 450 blog posts by month, team, or individual subject!

With the site look, feel and structure now in place, I will soon begin adding more AFL interviews, team photos and more, of course continuing with the daily AFL postings.

If you like this newest version of your favorite AFL website, I would love to hear from you.  Also, please take a moment to share it with you family, friends and fellow AFL fans!

Thank you for your time and participation in Tales from the American Football League!

Todd Tobias