The Kansas City Chiefs get a lot of run around this site, and rightfully so.  With players like Len Dawson, Abner Haynes, Chris Burford, Ed Budde, Jim Tyrer, Mike Garrett, Fred Arbanas, Otis Taylor, and others, this team had an offense that could go toe-to-toe with anyone in either league, as they proved in Super Bowl IV, and several prior preseason games.

The Chiefs had sensational defenses as well, and in particular, a linebacking corps that has been ranked #4 in the history of the game by NFL Films.  Ranked in-and-around the Chiefs ‘backers are:

10.  2000 Baltimore Ravens

9.  Denver Broncos Orange Crush

8.  1980s Oakland Raiders

7.  Mid-1990s Pittsburgh Steelers

6.  Vince Lombardi’s Packers

5.  1985 Chicago Bears

4.  1Hank Stram’s Kansas City Chiefs

3. Bill Parcells’ Giants

2.  1970s Pittsburgh Steelers

1.   Jim Mora’s New Orleans Saints