The day after the Super Bowl.  Damn.  No football for the next eight months.  But don’t be sad.  As always, I’m here to help.

By now, hopefully, you’ve been enjoying Tales from the American Football League, and have subscribed to our site (if not, please do – it’s easy and free!!).  Now I’ve got a two (relatively) new ways for you to get an even greater daily dose of AFL.

First, I have opened a new Facebook community called, I Loved the 1960s San Diego Chargers.  It is just getting off the ground, but there are already a bunch of great early Chargers images, and a few discussions.  There are a few AFL Chargers who are early members, as well as some of their children and friends.  I expect it to be a hotbed of AFL Chargers fun in the upcoming offseason and beyond.  Send a request to join.  I will have it accepted, and they you can add your friends as you wish!

Second…  I have been posting daily articles to Twitter for a while, but I recently stopped.  Instead, I have begun posting different AFL photos, cards, memorabilia, etc.  All kinds of neat stuff from our favorite league.  Please join me @TalesfromtheAFL.

There you go.  Two new football sources for your AFL pleasure.  No thanks necessary.  Just keep on reading and sharing Tales from the AFL!!!