In our Tales from the American Football League community, we have a number of readers who either played in the AFL, or grew up watching games.  At 39 years old, I have done neither, and my “memories” of the league are based on video, my interactions with former players and coaches, and the many books and articles that I have read.

I was thinking the other day, wondering what might be considered the most memorable play in league history.  Was it Lance Alworth’s famous catch in the 1963 AFL championship game, which was caught on film by Chargers photographer, Charles Aqua Viva?  Was it Tommy Brooker kicking the winning field goal after five+ quarters of play in the 1962 championship game?  Or could it have been Matt Snell’s four-yard rushing touchdown to open the scoring in Super Bowl III?  Maybe it was the famed 65 Toss Power Trap that the Kansas City Chiefs used to such success in Super Bowl IV?

Often times, the play that most sticks in our minds is not necessarily the most notable of a particular game, season, or league.  Sometimes a play is made significant in our minds because of our surroundings at the time, or because it was made by our favorite player.

The one play that sticks out the most in my mind is Mike Stratton’s hit on Keith Lincoln in the 1964 league championship.  The hit devastated the Chargers, and turned the game around for the Bills.  It came to be called “The Hit Heard ‘Round the World,” and many AFL fans talk about to this day.  Take a look at the video above, and you will understand why it is so memorable.

I am curious as to YOUR most memorable AFL play .  Is it one of those listed above?  Was it significant for your team, or just something that sticks in your mind?  If you played in the AFL, what play do you recall the most?  Why does it hold such importance to you?

I hope that many of our readers comment on this.  I would be very interested to see the input.