I am fortunate to have a friendship with former Chargers receiver and AFL legend, Lance Alworth.  This past week I saw Lance and we spoke a bit about Tales from the American Football League, of which he is a subscriber and daily reader.

I am going back to see Lance again, likely towards the end of this week, and we will conduct an interview that will be posted to Tales…  The twist with this interview is that I am giving Tales readers an opportunity to pose the questions.

If you had a chance to ask Lance Alworth a question, what would it be?  Here is your chance to come up with something.  I will be asking Lance 20 questions from you readers.  Here is the way this will work:

  • Post your questions in the comments section below.
  • One question per person.
  • Please, no inappropriate questions.  They will be deleted and not asked.
  • I will take the first 20 questions with me, and incorporate them into the interview.  The audio interview will be posted to Tales, likely next week.

That’s it.  You might ask about his favorite players, Sid Gillman’s offense, his favorite moment in the AFL, or any number of other things.  Have some fun with it!