I am still searching out the last autographed football cards that I need for my signed AFL sets.  I need about 35 cards for all of my sets to be complete.  Unfortunately, 22 of those cards are from the 1960 Fleer set, which is notorious for its many cards picturing players who never made final team rosters, which makes them terribly difficult to get signed.

I did have a bit of recent success, though, when I acquired autographed cards of former Buffalo Bills defensive lineman, Gene Grabosky, who is featured in the 1960 & 1961 Fleer sets.  I like to try and learn a little bit about the players of whom I have cards, so I did some reading up on Gene Grabosky.  It turns out that his entire playing career lasted just three games.  It is difficult to find info on him online, but I did locate a paragraph about Grabosky in Jeff Miller’s fantastic book, Rockin’ the Rockpile; The Buffalo Bills of the American Football League.

Jeff Miller, a regular reader of Tales, had the following to say about this one-time Buffalo Bill:

Taken from page 511-512 – Gene Grabosky was a huge defensive tackle from the 1961 Buffalo Bills, standing six-feet, five inches and weighing 275 pounds.  His pro career was short, however, lasting a mere three games with the Bills.  He was priginally drafted by the Washington Redskins of the NFL in 1959, but never played for them.  Grabosky was 64 when he died in his hometown of Liverpool, New York, on May 4, 2001.  Liverpool High School honored Grabosky the following year by enshrining him in their Athletic Hall of Fame.