Of course the answer is ultimately, “yes,” but at what cost?

A game-worn John Hadl football helmet from an AFL All-Star Game has been on eBay for more than a month now.  The price tag reads $4,000.  Frankly, that may be a decent price.  I have certainly seen helmets sell for much more, and all-star pieces do not come up for sale terribly often.  Still, for my money, I think it is a pretty ugly piece.  It just doesn’t have the visual appeal that I would want for something that expensive.  Thoughts?

If I had an extra $4,000 to drop on AFL memorabilia (and with three kids, I do NOT!), there would be several other items that would try to find.  A few of them may be:

  • An AFL championship ring.
  • To complete my collection of Los Angeles Chargers programs
  • 1961 Golden Tulip Premiums
  • A game worn Chargers helmet
  • Large photo collections

Those are just off the top of my head.  What about you?  If you had $4,000 that you could only spend on AFL memorabilia, what would you buy?