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Finding Frank – A Fantastic Book About the Chargers’ Frank Buncom – Coming Soon!!!

In weeks past we have previewed select chapters from a new book being written by Buzz Ponce, about former Chargers linebacker, Frank Buncom.  Buzz recently sent me a scan of the front cover of the book, along with a note saying that the book will be available as an eBook download, very probably by the end of this month.  The print version will be available on Amazon soon after!  I was able to read an advance copy, and this is definitely one for the football library.  Not a hardcore football book, but rather a look at an exceptional individual, who also happened to be an outstanding football player.  But don’t worry, there was enough good AFL history in there to keep me going, as well! read more

New HoF Comparison Page

autographed 1962 fleer art powell

#60 – Art Powell

For the last several months, I have been posting Hall of Fame comparisons between our beloved and deserving AFL stars and their NFL counterparts, all of whom have already been inducted.  These articles have inspired some of the most interesting and passionate reader comments and dialogue on the site.

I have been wanting to strengthen these comparisons and somehow make them more meaningful.  I recently took the first step in this process, and put together a page dedicated solely to these comparisons.  You can now scroll down the left side of the home page and find the HALL OF FAME COMPARISONS link.  This will take you directly to the page where all HoF comparisons can be found.  I will continue to add new players, and once I have figured out the technology behind it, I plan to implement some sort of voting system to allow readers to cast their ballots for the most deserving of AFL stars. read more