Autographed Bubble Gum Cards & the AFL

#122 - Joe Namath I've been posting to this blog for more than five years. At some points I have been more dedicated than others, but I  always enjoy the opportunity to write a short piece and get it into the hands of AFL fans across the country. One thing that people may not realize is that my trading card collection was actually the reason that I began this blog and website. Back in 1998, I got my first autographed AFL trading card and somehow a switch was flipped in my mind. From that point forward the majority of my collecting attention was focused on trading cards autographed by AFL players. After building my collection for a while I wanted to share it with others who would also enjoy the cards and so I started this site. I am now at a point where I very rarely find a card I don't already have. Still, opportunities come about on occasion and when they do I am more than happy to acquire a signed 1961 Golden Tulip Potato Chips Paul Maguire card, a 1964 Topps Chiefs team card signed by Norma Hunt or a 1965 Topps card inscribed by Willie Brown with a note about the 1965 All-Star Boycott. While [...]

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The Team Most Overlooked by the HOF is…

The Vote We ran a survey last week to see which original AFL team Tales readers felt the Pro Football Hall of Fame had most overlooked. Basically, which team had the most players that still deserved to be inducted? A total of 236 voters were cast during the week and the results follow: Bills - 51 votes Broncos - 9 votes Chargers - 35 votes Oilers - 11 votes Patriots - 10 votes Raiders - 14 votes Texans/Chiefs - 84 votes Titans/Jets - 22 votes Tales readers overwhelmingly feel that the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs are the team that has been most-overlooked by the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Truthfully, the vote wasn't even close. That is a very interesting conclusion when you take into account that the Chiefs also happen to be the AFL team that has THE MOST members already enshrined in the Hall of Fame. There are a total of 10 AFL Chiefs in the HOF, with Bobby Bell, Buck Buchanan, Curley Culp, Len Dawson, Willie Lanier, Johnny Robinson, Jan Stenerud and Emmitt Thomas, with head coach Hank Stram and owner Lamar Hunt. Still, those Chiefs teams were an incredibly talented bunch who won three AFL championships and Super Bowl IV. The Overlooked I looked at the Texans./Chiefs [...]

SURVEY – Which AFL Team Deserves More HOF Recognition?

American Football League players spent 1960-1969 fighting for legitimacy against the teams of the NFL. The players from the AFL spent the next 50+ years wishing for legitimacy from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Of course there have been a number of legendary AFL'ers inducted - Alworth, Dawson, Maynard, Mix and a handful of others, but what about Jim Tyrer, Walt Sweeney, Otis Taylor and Charlie Hennigan? How about Winston Hill, Dave Grayson, Goose Gonsoulin and Gino Cappelletti? And that just scratches the surface. In conjunction with the NFL celebrating it's 100th anniversary, the Pro Football Hall of Fame has announced that it will be expanding the number of inductees they will allow for the Class of 2020. That means there could finally be a bit more HOF recognition for the AFL. Per the Hall of Fame website: The Hall of Fame Board recently passed a resolution that suspended the Hall of Fame’s Selection Committee By-Laws for the Class of 2020 election cycle only. The measure is intended to honor the NFL’s Centennial Celebration through a special Centennial Class that will be comprised of 20 members in 2020. The group will include five Modern-Era players to come from the list announced today in addition to 10 Seniors (a player who [...]

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New Johnny Robinson Hall of Fame Section on Tales…

  Last year Tales ran a Hall of Fame campaign for Chiefs safety, Johnny Robinson. We posted, Facebooked, Tweeted, and Instagrammed about Johnny. We collected signatures for a petition, gathered testimonials and petitioned Hall of Fame voters. We generally told anyone who would listen about the travesty of his not being in the Hall of Fame. One way or another, Johnny became the senior representative of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of 2019. He was inducted in August, along with Pat Bowlen, Gil Brandt, Champ Bailey, Tony Gonzalez, Ty Law, Kevin Mawae and Ed Reed. Johnny brought my wife and I back to Canton for the festivities in appreciation of our efforts. It was an incredible gesture by a wonderful man, and we will never forget his generosity. I have now designed a page on the site that is dedicated to "The Johnny Robinson Hall of Fame Experience." AFL fans can now find all of the information that we gathered on Johnny Robinson in one place. All of the testimonials, a great amount of media, a link to Johnny's Hall of Fame acceptance speech and several photos from the weekend are included. Simply click on the JOHNNY ROBINSON button in the menu of each Tales page and join in the [...]

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AFL Books – Updated with New Titles

I get a lot of people asking me about books related to the teams, players and various subjects of the AFL. The truth is that there are a ton of books out there that focus on the AFL in one way or another. The earliest actual book about the AFL that I have encountered is Bob Curran's The $400,000 Quarterback or: The League that Came in from the Cold, which was published in 1965. There have been many since, and I can honestly say that my AFL library consists of more than 100 different volumes. Of course not all focus only on the years from 1960-1969, but they all tell some aspect of the league's history. For those interested in reading more about the American Football League, I have a bibliography accessible on the home page menu near the top of the screen. Simple click on AFL BOOKS (here or on the home page) and you will see all that I have been able to document. As a means of housekeeping, I have just updated the list, adding nearly a dozen books that were either recently published or are newly discovered, at least by me. Such additions include Beyond Broadway Joe by Bob Lederer; The Lost Super Bowls by Tom Danyluk; [...]

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