1964 San Diego Chargers Training Camp Player Images

These photographs, taken at the San Diego Chargers 1964 raining camp in Escondido, California, help illustrate the simplicity that was the AFL.  Look in the background of any image, and you will not find legions of fans, dressed in jerseys and team caps.  Instead there is just a large grass field, simple white fence, and occasional teammate that unknowingly walked into the shot.  Even more impressive is that these are rare color images, and feature the famed Chargers powder blue jerseys in all of their glory.


Todd Tobias (790 Posts)

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  1. Virgil Baldon, Jr. says:

    Okay, Chargers management…stop playing around and re-adopt these very same 1964 uniforms, with the Collegiate block font on the numbers and black numbers on the white helmets, as your PERMANENT uniform, with the same year’s white road version.

    Be done with the past few years’ funky pseudo-font numbers, no helmet numbers, and interrupted stripes…you had the BEST in 1964. Besides, the helmet numbers were used by five of the eight original 1960 AFL teams along with sleeve numerals and surnames on the back to aid media in player ID…it’s still useful today.

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