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Better Moves Than Alworth?

lance alworth cartoon

THE DENVER POST – February 4, 1968

I recently came across this cartoon.  It was published in The Denver Post on February 4, 1968.  Not sure why it wasn’t run during the football season, but it gave me a chuckle.

Gates Surpasses Alworth… Sort Of

I’ve always liked Antonio Gates.  He is a dominant player and plays through injury.  He stays out of trouble, and by all accounts, represents the San Diego Chargers very well.

This past week Gates broke Lance Alworth’s longstanding Chargers team record with 9,854 career receiving yards.  Impressive numbers and a great achievement for sure, but I must say that I balked a bit when I saw the headline on, Antonio Gates: Greatest Receiver in Chargers History. read more

New Photo Gallery – Lance Alworth’s Hall of Fame Induction

lance alworth and al davis

Lance and his presenter, Al Davis

After a week of dealing with malware and its corrective issues, I am back to posting about the AFL!  Two weeks ago,  I posted photos of Lance Alworth signing his letter of intent with the University of Arkansas.  The photos had come from a collection of Alworth Family memorabilia that had somehow found its way outside of the family.  We were able to retreive the lot, which included some 600-800 family photos from a variety of eras. read more

Lance Alworth Signs with Arkansas!

lance alworth signs with arkansas

Over the last month, through a bit of luck and good connections, I was able to reacquire a large collection of Lance Alworth’s family photos for Lance.  It is not quite certain how they ever got away from the family to begin with, but Lance was thrilled to have them, many of which he had never seen before.

Included in this collection was a couple of small snapshots of Lance signing his letter of intent with the University of Arkansas.  It was a momentous day for the Alworth family, and one that sent Lance further down the path towards football greatness.  To my knowledge, and Lance’s, these photos have not been shown publically in many, many years, if ever.  Sitting beside Lance are his mother and father. read more

1968 Cornflakes Champions Cards

Not a lot is known about this issue.  It is a 48-card set, and is believed to have been issued on the backs of boxes of Cornflakes cereal in 1968, perhaps only on a regional basis.  Of the 48 cards in the set, only 16 featured AFL players.  Additionally, the photos used on the cards are seemingly identical to the Sports Illustrated posters of a similar time period.