Last week I was contacted by the Talk of Fame Sports Network, and asked to be part of a radio show about the American Football League.  This show is hosted by Ron Borges, Clarke Judge, and Rick Gosselin; three selectors for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, two-of-which sit on the senior committee.  Gino Cappelletti and Lance Alworth were also guests for different segments of the show.

In speaking with the hosts prior to the show, I was pleased to learn that all three feel that the AFL has been given short-shrift in the voting process, and that they would like to see that changed.

I’ve posted a link to the show below.  For those that have limited time, the interviews begin at the following times:

Gino Cappelletti – 8:00

Todd Tobias – 23:10

Lance Alworth – 54:50

One of the questions that I was asked was what I felt was the single most important moment in AFL history.  How would you have answered?