Former Raider Clem Daniels’ impact goes well beyond football

autographed 1967 topps clem daniels
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I was struggling for an article to post last evening.  I had bounced around for a while on YouTube, and in frustration, began Googling names of AFL All-Time Team members.  I got through a few of them before typing in “Clem Daniels.”  Jackpot.

I have long known about Daniels’ exploits on the field; he is the AFL’s career rushing leader, All-Time Team member, and a back who deserves hall of fame consideration.  But I didn’t know much about Daniels as a person.  Fortunately, I found a great article by Monte Poole, called Former Raider Clem Daniels’ Impact Goes Well Beyond Football.   It is an informative piece that discusses what motivated Daniels to greatness, and how he has lived his life as a man who helped implement change and better conditions for African-Americans.

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One Response to Former Raider Clem Daniels’ impact goes well beyond football

  1. billd says:

    Thanks for posting Todd. Very interesting insight to Clem’s life in Texas. He deserves entry into both the Football and Life HOF.
    So sad Clem injured his ankle late in the 1967 season. Nobody on the Raiders deserved a shot at the Super Bowl more that Clem. The Raiders missed his ability to stretch defenses.

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