Who was Dick Jamieson?

1961 fleer dick jamieson

This is the final article in my three-piece, mini-series pertaining to the autographed cards that I recently added to my collections.  As with Gene Grabosky and Billy Lott, picking up two signed Dick Jamieson cards sent me to Google to learn a little bit more about this former New York Titans quarterback.

Coming out of college at Bradley, Dick Jamieson was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 25th round of the 1959 NFL Draft.  He was cut by the Eagles, but picked up by the Colts, and spent the 1959 season in Baltimore.  In 1960, he was signed by the Dallas Texans of the new American Football League, but was soon traded to the New York Titans, with whom he spent the 1960 & 1961 season as a back-up to Al Dorow.

Jamieson saw action in 14 games over his two seasons in New York. He threw 70 passes, completing 35, for 586 yards and six touchdowns.

Dick Jamieson became a longtime coach after retiring as a player.  He began at the high school level, but advanced into the college and ultimately, professional ranks.  He spent time with the University of Missouri, Northwestern, Rutgers, and Indiana State.  He had two stints as offensive coordinator of the NFL’s Cardinals, one in St. Louis and another in Phoenix.  He also worked with the Houston Oilers and Philadelphia Eagles.

Dick Jamieson died May 2, 2001, after a bout with cancer.

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  1. Ray says:

    Nice little bit of info on this player in “Crash of the Titans: The Early Years of the New York Jets and the AFL” that talks about how he, three team mates and their respective wives went apartment searching together in NY. Its on page 93 of that book which is on Amazon. Must have been exciting, but trying days too for these guys who had no idea of what their foundational play was going to become for football in the future.

  2. Paul Beaver says:

    Being a Texan fan from the “get go”, I remember Jamieson on the early Texan team…then being traded up north to help the Titans find a QB.

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