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"1963 Chargers - the Best Team Ever!!" Lance Alworth This football season was an odd one for me.  For the first time in my life, we didn't have professional football in San Diego.  There was a lot of hatred towards the Chargers around here, and the media didn't quite seem to know how to handle things.  Report the scores? Don't report the scores? Love the Chargers, or bash them? It was all rather uncomfortable. As for me, I stayed rather far away from it all.  I didn't watch the Chargers at all, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. However, I was just as active with my old standby that is collecting signed AFL trading cards. In fact, many of the people reading this post answered my request for signatures this year, and some did it multiple times (right, Gino Cappelletti?) While I worked on a number of fun collecting projects, the one that I think I enjoyed the most was the 1964 Topps team cards.  I find these cards to be excellent for signatures, as they allow for a great deal of flexibility.  I've got players, coaches, owners, trainers, administrators, media, team photographers, a ball boy, a gate crasher, authors and many more.  I try to keep [...]

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Tom Flores Talks AFL

Our friends at the Talk of Fame Network have been pumping the AFL very hard recently, and are putting out a lot of great content.  They recently started a five-piece podcast with legendary Raiders quarterback and Head Coach, Tom Flores.  The first segment covers Flores becoming the first Hispanic-American quarterback in professional football, an event that occurred on September 11, 1960. The second segment revolves around Super Bowl IV, when Flores was a back up to Len Dawson in Kansas City. The final three parts of the podcast are yet to be released, but are sure to be fantastic.  If you haven't yet done so, be sure to bookmark the Talk of Fame Network.  Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge are all voters for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, with Borges and Gosselin maintaining sport on the Senior Committee. “5 GAMES” PODCAST: FLORES ON GROUNDBREAKING START AS FIRST LATINO QB IN NFL HISTORY The Hall of Fame campaign for Johnny Robinson is going strong, but we need, more people to sign up.  If you have not yet added your name, please take a moment to do so.  Let's help Johnny Robinson finally receive the honor that he so richly deserves! JOHNNY ROBINSON FOR THE PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME

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San Diego’s Glory Years – the 1960s

While the outright rage of the Chargers leaving town seems to have mellowed a bit, there is still a constant and strong anti-Chargers sentiment throughout San Diego.  It is a sad situation, but completely understandable considering how the team left, and has hardly even attempted to look back. San Diego Union-Tribune reporter, Tom Krasovic, recently penned a great piece in which he stated the 1960s as the glory days of sport in San Diego.  PCL baseball, the Chargers, Don Coryell at San Diego State, not to mention the multiple other San Diego-based stars in the worlds of gold, tennis, sailing, etc.  It must have been something. If San Diego sports had a golden era, there's a groovy case for when it was On another note, our petition supporting Johnny Robinson for the Pro Football Hall of Fame is beginning to pick up speed, but we need a lot more signatures to make it worthy of being given to the Hall of Fame voters.  If you have not yet signed the petition, please do so.  It will only take a moment, and will hopefully open the doors for Johnny, and possibly for other AFL'ers down the road. PETITION - JOHNNY ROBINSON FOR THE HALL OF FAME

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Johnny Robinson for the Pro Football Hall of Fame!!!

Hello Tales Readers, We are doing something new and exciting.  We have posted a petition to Tales that supports Johnny Robinson for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and are going to be spreading the word far, wide and repeatedly, between now and the next voting session this coming summer.  Before the voters gather to select their next round of Veteran Nominees, the results of the petition will be shared with members of the committee, and they will be shown just how many people believe that Johnny Robinson DESERVES induction. Please take a moment to sign the petition, and share with friends, family and football fans.  Let's help get Johnny the recognition that he has been due for so very long!!! JOHNNY ROBINSON PETITION

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Talk of Fame Network – Otis Taylor for Hall of Fame?

Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge get it.  They are all longtime football writers, and all three have hall of fame votes.  Fortunately for us, they appreciate the history of the AFL as well.  Recently on their site, the Talk of Fame Network, Rick Gosselin posted an article titled State Your Case: Why WR Otis Taylor Deserves a Look from Canton. The summary as stated by a HoF voter?  Otis Taylor deserves enshrinement... as do Charlie Hennigan and Lionel Taylor. Maybe now that the Packerss Jerry Kramer has finally received the induction he has so long been denied, the senior committee will be able to take a look at the long list of AFL'ers who are also so worthy of induction; Johnny Robinson, Otis Taylor, Walt Sweeney, Art Powell, and on and on and on...

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