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Super Bowl IV Post Game Interviews

I was looking around YouTube for some new AFL videos, and stumbled across this fantastic bit of coverage from the Chiefs locker room immediatley after they defeated the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV.  I had never seen this clip before, and was excited to watch the interviews with Hank Stram, Lamar Hunt and especially Jerry Mays.  Mays was a dominant defensive end, and member of the AFL’s All-Time Team, but despite that recognition is largely unknown by younger generations of football fans.  Jerry Mays died of cancer in 1994, but this glimpse into the past brings him right back with us. read more

Ten-Gallon War – A Book Review

ten-gallon warMuch has been written about the early battles between the fresh-faced American Football League, and their rivals, the long-established National Football League.  Readers with an interest can find texts dedicated to the founding of the AFL, the AFL in the early years, the AFL/NFL merger, and all of the various subcategories that pertain to both leagues.  However, it wasn’t until just recently that fans could easily find the story of one of the greatest battles within the AFL/NFL war, the fight between the Cowboys and Texans for the love and support of the Dallas football fan. read more

Another Hank Stram image, though much different than others

hank stram

A couple of weeks ago I posted a story about my favorite Hank Stram image.  I like that image because of the sense of joy and achievement that it portrays.  I recently found and purchased another Stram wire photo that I also like very much, but for much different reasons.  Mack Lee Hill was a promising, young fullback for the Chiefs in 1964 & 1965 before his career was cut short by his unexpected death following knee surgery.  This new image shows the depth to which Stram cared for his players, and a vulnerability that is not often associated with professional football. read more

My Favorite Hank Stram Image

hank stram

I just found my new favorite Hank Stram image.  The description from the eBay auction stated that the photo was from August 4, 1976.  It is stamped as such on the back, but only because this image was used to illustrate an article from that day.  Another stamp on the reverse says, “January 11, 1967,” four days before Super Bowl I.  I would guess that this photo was actually taken during the 1966 AFL Championship Game, in which the Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills by a score of 31-7.  Regardless, I think this is my new favorite image of this Hall of Fame coach. read more

Sid Gillman, Hank Stram and NFL Films

I am a big fan of NFL Films.  The footage that they shot in the 1960s has allowed younger fans, like myself, to get a real feel not only for AFL games, but also for the personalities that made the league a success.  This film follows my two favorite AFL coaches, Sid Gillman and Hank Stram.  These two men were not only innovators in the professional game, but also the longest-standing and most successful of AFL coaches.  It can be argued that these two coaches did as much as anyone to help ensure the AFL’s ultimate survival.  Enjoy! read more