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Off-Season Autographed AFL Card Pick-Ups

One of my hobby passions is autographed 1960s football cards, so as usual, I spent time during the off-season adding signed AFL cards to my collection.  However, as my sets are in need of only a handful of rare cards, I was forced to get creative if I wanted to add anything new and interesting to my collection.  I put together a handful of player sets – Lance Alworth, Gino Cappelletti, John Hadl, Johnny Robinson – and picked up a few signed team cards, but the most fun that I had came in having players add interesting inscriptions to particular cards. read more

“They’ve Stayed Away by the Thousands…”

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We all know that the Chargers left Los Angeles after the 1960 season because they couldn’t draw enough fan support to their games.  But what does that really mean?  At the time, the Coliseum had a seating capacity of more than 100,000.  The Chargers averaged fewer than 16,000 fans to each of their home games.  Take a look at the accompanying photos to get an idea of the seating bowl during a 1960 Chargers game. read more

Favorite AFL Images – August 6, 1960 – Paul Lowe

paul lowe

Most AFL fans know that the first-ever play in Chargers history, a preseason game against the New York Titans, Paul Lowe took the opening kickoff and returned it 105-yards for a touchdown.  It was the first play in an exciting career, for an exciting team.  The photo above shows Lowe making his magical run on that historic day.

Lowe Gets Loose

paul lowe 1960-

10/2/1960 – Buffalo, N.Y. – Halfback Paul Lowe, #23, of the Los Angeles Chargers eludes potential tackler Joe Schaffer, #67, a Buffalo Bills linebacker.  #19 is Bob Laraba, the Los Angeles quarterback.  Half-time score at War Memorial Stadium is Los Angeles 7, Buffalo 3.  UPI TELEPHOTO

A couple of interesting notes about this photo…

Bob Laraba was a reserve quarterback and linebacker (odd combination), and did not have a completed pass in this game.  In fact, Bobby Clatterbuck, another Chargers reserve quarterback, played the remainder of the game and only had 70- passing yards.  The Chargers wont he game by a score of 24-10. read more

Paul Lowe breaks away in 1960 AFL Championship

paul lowe

HOUSTON – 1/1/61 – Paul Lowe (23) of the Los Angeles Chargers gets away for a 29 yard scamper to the Oilers’ 19.  He was knocked out of bounds by George Shirkey (74) and Jim Norton (43) of the Oilers.  UPI Telephoto