Tight End Dave Kocourek Dies of Dementia

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Autographed 1963 Fleer Dave Kocourek

#71 – Dave Kocourek

Former Chargers, Dolphins and Raiders tight end, Dave Kocourek, died today after a long battle with dementia.  Kocourek, 75, played in more AFL championship games than any other player in history.  He totaled seven championship games, five with the Chargers and two with the Raiders.  Kocourek’s obituary can be found HERE.

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6 Responses to Tight End Dave Kocourek Dies of Dementia

  1. Todd Oh, my! I’m so sad to hear this…although we knew it was “coming.” As I’ve told you, he lived right up next to Kate Sessions Park in Pacific Beach, where we used to go to play after-school football…and we would often stop during the off-season to ask, “Mr. Kocourek, would you sign this for us?” What a truly nice guy he was to us kids!!! And I DID take pics of the house recently, intending to send them to his wife and him…but, as you know, I’ve been “hijacked by life” for the past 6 months or so and never got around to it. May he R.I.P.–he was truly one of my HEROES from the early days of the A.F.L.!

  2. Brandon Rose says:

    Sad news regarding Dave Kocourek passing. He was a terrific player and from everything I have read and heard an even better human being. Growing up I loved the Chargers and every player they had but Dave a little more than others.

  3. 1967 says:

    “Field goal attempt, Daryle Lamonica kneeling, waiting for the snap… takes the snap and – IT’S A FAKE! Lamonica rolls out to his right, looking down field, he throws – Dave Kocourek has it and he’s into the end zone – touchdown Raiders!”

    1967 AFL Championship Game… a close 10-0 contest just before halftime becomes a rout, Kocourek’s grab & Raider guile the ticket to a Superbowl: FINAL – @OAK 40 HOU 7

    Long live the AFL and long may Kocourek as the rest be remembered.

  4. al avallone says:

    Sad to hear about Dave. He was a class act. It is sad what pro football has done to the body and minds of some of the athletes.May he rest in peace and my condolences to his family.A Charger from the beginning of the AFL.

  5. billd says:

    Dave was very good receiver and a class act. He led the 1961 Chargers with 55 receptions. Despite his tight end size, he worked mostly as a wide receiver in 60 and 61, along with Ralph Anderson and Don Norton. I remember sitting in the north end zone of Balboa Stadium in 1961 watching Dave score a TD on a 76 yard reception against the Bills. It was an exciting reception and run, as Dave broke many tackles. When Howard Clark retired after 1962, Dave moved to TE, making room for Alworth. I also remember when Dave filled in (I think in early 64) at Channel 10 while Al Coupee was recovering from a heart attack. Dave looked very comfortable as a broadcaster.

  6. Gregh says:

    I just heard of Dave’s passing. I was a football team mate of his at Morton High School. I last saw Dave in 2005 at Morton High School’s 50th class reunion. It was a delight to talk about old times. I remember Dave as a hard worker, always striving to achieve the best he could he. He was an excellent role model, and he will be missed.

    Greg Soohov

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