Jim Saccomano began working for the Denver Broncos in 1978, and was in charge of the organization’s media relations through 2009, when he became vice president of corporate communications.  With more than 35 years service to an original AFL franchise, the man is a wealth of team history.  Jim Saccomano writes a blog on the Denver Broncos website, and often features important moments in the Broncos’ past.

Yesterday Saccomano noted that the AFL-NFL merger occurred 47 years ago this week, and posted an interesting piece on the AFL-NFL merger, and how it effected the Denver Broncos and the leagues in general.

I particularly enjoy the simplicity of Saccomano’s style in his stories.  In reading his posts I almost feel that I am sitting next to him on a bar stool, listening as he spins tales of the Broncos in another era.  Great stuff; I will be making regular stops at www.denverbroncos.com to check out more of his AFL musings.