A couple of months ago, when Tales from the American Football League underwent it’s facelift, I added a few new gadgets that I thought would be fun for AFL fans.  The one in which I have the most hope is the AFL Forum & Message Boards.    While readers have always been great about responding to the daily articles and we have had some truly interesting discussions, I wanted to make an area available for fans to post their own stories, links, images, questions and AFL-related ideas.  This is a place where readers can gather to exchange ideas without having to wait for the prompting of my daily posts.  You can find a button for the Forum on the right of the tool bar at the top of the site.

The Forum has been rather quiet these last few weeks…  Frankly, it hasn’t been used.  The truth is that I never bothered to really point it out, or even get things rolling by posting some questions with which we could begin debates.  Recently, I went through a few of the subheadings and posted questions that I hope will get readers comfortable with the area, and prompt some discussion.

Who was the best AFL Coach?

Who is your single favorite AFL player?

Greatest AFL personality?

And for you collectors, What is your favorite AFL card set?

If none of those questions evoke a response from you, feel free to check out the rest of the Forum and post a question of your own.  I would like this area to develop into a community in which we all share stories, information, and all things AFL.  As always, I encourage you to share this site and Forum with those you know who love football.  The more AFL fans, the better!