Hello AFL Fans!

At this point you have likely heard that on Friday, former Chiefs safety Johnny Robinson was chosen as the senior nominee for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2019. Johnny will still be subject to the full voting process in February 2019. However, Johnny is the sole senior nominee this year, and as the Hall of Fame has not had an inductee class that did not include at least one senior nominee since 1976, his chances look very good.

Our campaign for Johnny began in February 2018, with a text discussion between myself and Johnny’s stepson, Bob Thompson, and developed into a six-month process during which we generated the petition on this website and attempted to connect with as many media members as possible to spread Johnny’s story. Dale Stram (Hank’s son) was instrumental in helping us make connections. Johnny’s teammates and opponents gave us their input. Lance Alworth and Jan Stenerud participated in interviews. Bobby Bell and Willie Lanier spoke with voters. The media jumped in with articles and podcasts. AFL fans from around the country wrote letters to the Hall of Fame and signed the petition to show support. The success that we have had thus far has truly been an AFL community effort.

I wanted to put together this post for Johnny’s fans could go back and see some of what was generated on his behalf.



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Our campaign is not over. We need to keep pushing our petition, gathering testimonials and generating media for Johnny. Let’s make sure his Road to Canton does not end with a senior nomination, but rather takes him all the way to Canton in 2019!

Thank you for your continued support!

Todd Tobias