Chris Burford and Abner Haynes

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#094 – Chris Burford

American Football League history is rife with stories of racial conflict.  Such was the case not only in the AFL, but in the country during the turbulent 1960s.  Through it all, however, bonds often developed between teammates, black and white, that began to blur the lines of segregation, and in many cases, helped usher in changes in civil rights policy.

I found the following story about two Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs teammates, Chris Burford and Abner Haynes.  It is a nice article, and wonderful to see that Burford and Haynes remain friends to this very day, more than 50 years after they first met.


autographed 1964 topps abner haynes

#098 – Abner Haynes

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3 Responses to Chris Burford and Abner Haynes

  1. Paul Beaver says:

    I met Abner Haynes several years ago when he was inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

    He covered several of the issues mentioned here in his induction speech.

  2. Tom Fischer says:

    These players were two of my favorites when I fell in love with the Dallas Texans for some reason when I was about seven years old. I thought Abner Haynes hung the moon and was devastated when he was no longer a Chief. I’m glad Chris and Abner are still doing well.

  3. obrienwrite says:

    Chris Burford is my father in law and when I worked in Dallas a few years ago, I could hardly go anywhere without someone reading my last name and asking if I was any relation to “Our Dallas Texan” and “Did I know Abner?” Answering “Yes!” to both was the start of many great conversations. Thank you for the great post Todd!

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